Honda Unveils 0 Space-Hub Concept at CES 2024

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Honda introduces its second electric vehicle (EV) concept in the ‘0’ Series, known as the Space-Hub van. Designed with similar principles as the 0 Series Saloon, this all-electric van aims to enhance the rear passenger experience and foster a space conducive to conversations.

In the front, the Space-Hub features a digital panel akin to the 0 Series Saloon, with concentric light rings creating a 3D effect and the distinctive new Honda ‘H’ logo at the center. The grille integrates twin-stacked headlights, and the windshield seamlessly connects to a panoramic glass roof extending over the passenger area. The sides showcase a sleek, slab-sided design with subtle flares over the wheel arches, and typical of vans, the rear doors slide open.

The rear design includes a distinctive box-like structure with taillights along the edges and an illuminated Honda badge in the center. Inside the cabin, the front section accommodates two seats separated by a floating center console. The yoke-style steering serves as the hub for driving functions, incorporating touch-sensitive buttons for gear selection, indicating a lack of traditional pedals. The expansive dash functions as a comprehensive display, providing relevant vehicle and infotainment information.

Moving to the rear section, seating for four is arranged in pairs, with one set facing the rear behind the driver and co-driver, and the other located in the rear section. Notably, the rear cabin integrates display technologies, with the section behind the C-pillar capable of showcasing the surroundings like a virtual window. This concept extends to the rear view, where there is no physical rear windscreen, replaced by a programmable display.

Similar to the 0 Series Saloon concept, Honda has not disclosed powertrain details for the Space-Hub concept, and the company has yet to confirm if this van could serve as a preview for a future production model.

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