Renault Duster-Based Pickup Under Development

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Renault has redirected its focus towards developing an all-new pickup truck based on the Duster, following the recent global unveiling of the Duster SUV. This upcoming pickup aims to offer improved practicality and slightly larger dimensions compared to its predecessor, the Duster Oroch, which was based on the previous generation Duster.

Built on the recently updated CMF-B platform, the Renault Duster pickup will feature off-road modes but will lack proper 4WD capability. It is set to be a global product, with initial sales targeted in South America. There are plans for a long-wheelbase version to accommodate additional cabin and cargo space, aligning it with competitors in the Brazilian market such as the Fiat Toro and Chevrolet Montana.

Drawing inspiration from the Renault Niagara concept, the Duster-based pickup will share design elements with the Duster while adopting a more rugged appearance. It is expected to offer petrol and petrol-hybrid powertrain options, with some variants featuring mild-hybrid setups and e-axle technology for improved efficiency.

Unlike its predecessor, the Duster Oroch, which was exclusively available in left-hand drive, Renault intends to produce right-hand drive versions of the new model. This decision aims to tap into markets like South Africa, where compact pickups enjoy significant popularity.

While Renault plans to introduce the new Duster and the seven-seat Bigster SUV in India, there is speculation regarding the potential launch of the Duster-based pickup and its Nissan counterparts in the future, although no definitive plans have been announced yet.

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