Over 1000 Tata Power EV Charging Points in Mumbai Now Utilize Renewable Energy Sources

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Tata Power has announced that more than 1,000 of its electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Mumbai are now powered by renewable energy sources. These charging points are situated in various locations across Mumbai, including public spaces, residential communities, commercial centers, and fleet charging stations. Additionally, Tata Power operates over 19 fast charging points along the Mumbai-Pune highway and 26 along the Mumbai-Goa highway.

Beyond Mumbai, Tata Power’s EV charging network spans across 475 cities and towns throughout the country. The company plans to expand its presence further by adding 4,000 charging points across Maharashtra in subsequent phases. Moreover, Tata Power’s EV charging services are tailored to meet the needs of a diverse range of customers, including residential communities and commercial establishments.

Tata Power has also forged partnerships with companies offering EV charging services and has installed charging points at prominent residential societies. In related news, Tata Power announced the installation of 62,000 EV home chargers nationwide in November 2023.

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