5 Simple and Highly Neglected Spills to Keep Your Partner on Road Healthified!

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We, the quickly evolving auto freaks of modern times, have arrived at a position where we eternally love something, at times, more than a living being. Yes, we are talking about the thing that has four wheels! You can’t discard the love affair that you as a motorhead have with your vehicle. But, how many of us genuinely love our cars? let’s give it a thought.

If you want to show your true love towards anything, you have to take care of that thing perfectly, right? at the end of the day, anything that you take care of will last longer!

Come, let’s dive into some simple. yet powerful tips you can follow to have a long, comfortable, and enduring relationship with your love of the roads.

Major Service = Major Care

Trust me, your vehicle is going to love you if you are a person who never misses a major service of your car, especially if it is in the “honeymoon” period. A major service is a major health care capsule to your car.

Read the User Manual and Know The Soul

An automobile is as complex as us, human beings. It’s important to know about its engine, transmission, suspension, brakes and literally, all the main components of the car that give you the absolute license to fly on roads.

It’s hard to accept, but, most of us ignore the manual right from the beginning thinking that we know how to take care of our motorcar. But, the truth is, “each vehicle varies in its maintenance methods and schedules.” So, it is worthwhile to spend an hour thoroughly reading the manual. Yes, the health of your car definitely deserves an hour of your time

Maintain Proper Tyre Pressure and Save Yourself From a Hole in Your Pocket

Just like you try to maintain proper blood pressure in your body, it’s important to keep proper tyre pressure in your car! To your surprise, about half of the proud vehicle owners among us hardly check the tyre pressure of their cars at regular intervals. it is advisable to check the tyre pressure on a run of 500km or in about two weeks. Maintaining proper tye pressure will give you longer tyre life and better mileage. Filling nitrogen instead of air is another fruitful way to make your giant on wheels more efficient.

Fluids; The Blood of Your Car

Vital fluids are crucial to the car. Some of them include engine oil, brake oil, coolant, and wiper water. It’s important to keep an eye on them to retain the well-being of your vehicle.

Mechanical Sympathy: The Secure and Soft Driving Habits

Do you know the perfect time to show your love towards your car? you guessed it right, it’s when you drive it! Less use of accelerator and brake pedals and proper shifting of gears is the ideal route to make your car comfortable and healthy. It will save the parts from faster wear and tear. Remember, our roads are never racing-ready!

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