Bigrock Motorsports Emerges Victorious in the Inaugural Season of the Indian Supercross League

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BigRock Motorsports clinches the championship title in the CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League (ISRL), marking a triumphant conclusion to the inaugural season. Renowned rider Matt Moss secures victory in the 450cc international race, further establishing his status as a Supercross champion.

Under the leadership of Reid Taylor, BigRock Motorsports exhibits exceptional skill, with Taylor claiming victory in the 250cc international race. Additionally, Thanarat Penjan of BigRock Motorsport triumphs in the 250cc India Asia Mix category, showcasing the team’s outstanding performance.

A standout performer in the 450cc class is the Frenchman #911 Jordi Tixier of BB Racing, who demonstrates unmatched prowess, securing victories with remarkable overtakes. His stellar performance adds excitement to the competition and highlights his remarkable talent.

The Grand Finale in Bangalore draws an unprecedented crowd of over 8000 spectators, with a total attendance exceeding 30,000 throughout the season, setting a new global record and creating an electrifying atmosphere at the racing arena. The event captivates audiences with thrilling action, daring maneuvers, and intense finishes, marking a significant milestone in Indian motorsports.

Looking ahead, Veer Patel, Managing Director of Lilleria Group and Co-Founder of CEAT ISRL, expresses enthusiasm for the success of the Grand Finale and anticipates an exhilarating second season. He underscores India’s potential to become a prominent hub for Supercross worldwide, acknowledging the contributions of participants, partners, and supporters to the league’s triumph.

The CEAT ISRL’s dedication to fostering a global spectacle is evident in its efforts to position India on the world stage of Supercross racing. The league aims to build upon its achievements, providing a secure and competitive platform for riders while promoting youth development and environmental sustainability, embodying the values of sportsmanship and excellence.

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