Entry-Level Electric SUV from Volkswagen Set to Make Its Debut in 2026

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Volkswagen has provided a glimpse of its forthcoming entry-level electric SUV, slated for a global debut by 2026. This upcoming SUV will share its foundation with the anticipated ID2 entry-level EV hatchback. Initial availability for both models is scheduled for the European market, with subsequent launches in other regions.

Volkswagen has provided a sneak peek of its upcoming entry-level electric SUV, expected to make its global debut by 2026. Serving as an electric replacement for the Volkswagen T-Cross, this SUV shares its platform with the forthcoming ID2 entry-level EV hatchback and is slated to be initially available in Europe before expanding to other markets.

As for details on the entry-level electric SUV, Volkswagen has released only a silhouette, with additional camouflaged images surfacing online. The SUV is anticipated to be revealed in near-production form in 2024, followed by the final unveiling in 2025, a few months after the ID2. Built on the same shortened MEB Entry platform as the ID2, both models will be manufactured in Spain.

While the name for the entry-level electric SUV is yet to be confirmed, Volkswagen may depart from its current numerical naming pattern, aligning with CEO Thomas Schafer’s vision to transform VW into a “love brand.” The exterior design of the SUV, described as “safe, confident, bold” by Volkswagen’s head of design Andreas Mindt, bears a resemblance to the ID2 hatchback but features a more upright silhouette, bulkier wheel arches, a distinctive vent-style motif on the C-pillar, and a substantial rear spoiler. The interior is expected to mirror the ID2, with a focus on high-quality materials and an eco-friendly design.

In terms of powertrain, the electric SUV is set to offer a single motor on the front axle, producing 223hp, with a choice of 38kWh and 56kWh batteries. The larger battery, capable of fast charging at 125kW, aims to achieve a 10-80 percent charge in just 20 minutes. With Volkswagen’s ambitious strategy to reduce production and list prices, the smaller-battery variant is anticipated to be among the more affordable electric SUVs in the European market.

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