Force Gurkha-Based Spartan 2.0 EV SUV Unveiled

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Czech start-up MW Motors has introduced an all-electric SUV derived from the Force Gurkha, named the Spartan 2.0. This new EV SUV boasts a range of 240km, as per the company’s claims.

The Spartan 2.0 utilizes Force Motors’ bodyshell, ladder frame chassis, suspension, off-road equipment, and interior components. The battery, sourced from a Chinese firm, and all other necessary modifications to finalize the vehicle have been undertaken by MW Motors.

MW Motors states that feedback from customers of the original Spartan EV, which was a conversion of the UAZ Hunter, a Russian military 4×4 from 1971, played a significant role in the development process.

Regarding its powertrain, the Spartan 2.0 features a single motor delivering 176hp and a remarkable 1,075Nm of torque through a transfer case. The battery under the bonnet has a usable capacity of 57.4kWh, providing an approximate range of 240km. Charging can occur at rates of up to 90kW, enabling a 20-80 percent charge in just over half an hour. Additionally, bi-directional charging is supported, allowing for the provision of 230V power to tools and other equipment.

The Spartan 2.0’s dimensions measure 4,116mm in length and 1,812mm in width, making it smaller than most off-roaders but larger than the Jimny. It boasts impressive approach, departure, and breakover angles, along with a kerb weight of 2,350kg and load and towing capacities of 1,025kg and 3,000kg, respectively. Coil springs and an anti-roll bar handle suspension duties.

The interior of the Spartan 2.0 closely resembles that of the Gurkha available in India, featuring hard-wearing yet competitively equipped elements such as cloth-upholstered adjustable seats, electric windows, air conditioning, a digital instrument display, and an infotainment touchscreen.

Sold as a commercial vehicle in certain European markets and the UK, the Spartan 2.0 does not come with rear seats, maintaining a strict two-seat SUV configuration.

While the potential for a Gurkha-based EV SUV in India remains uncertain, both Force Motors and Mahindra are set to introduce diesel-powered, five-door versions of the Thar and Gurkha, respectively, later this year.

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