Hero Motocorp Revealed Convertible Surge S32 E-Scooter

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Hero MotoCorp has introduced a groundbreaking convertible concept at the Hero World 2024. Named the Surge S32, this innovative vehicle can seamlessly transform from a two-wheeler to a three-wheeled vehicle, offering versatility and functionality.

Developed to cater to both personal and commercial needs, the Surge S32 addresses the diverse requirements of Indian consumers. The quick conversion process, taking just three minutes, enables users to switch between a scooter and a three-wheeler effortlessly. By plugging in the electronic connector, riders can access the controls of the three-wheeled vehicle through the scooter’s handlebar.

While currently a concept, Hero MotoCorp is exploring the possibility of bringing the Surge S32 into production, aligning with the newly established vehicle category, L2-5, created in collaboration with the government. This strategic effort underscores the brand’s commitment to introducing innovative solutions to the market.

As for pricing and availability, details remain speculative at this stage. However, Hero MotoCorp’s track record suggests that the Surge S32 may be competitively priced to ensure broad accessibility among consumers.

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