Kawasaki Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z e-1 Hybrid Patented in India

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Design patents have been registered for both hybrid Kawasaki motorcycles, indicating their potential introduction in India. These bikes, already available internationally, include the Ninja 7 Hybrid and the Z e-1 Hybrid.

The Ninja 7 Hybrid is equipped with a 451cc parallel-twin engine, complemented by a 9kW electric motor and a 48-volt battery pack. This combination enables the bike to produce 58bhp, with an additional boost to 69bhp in e-Boost mode. Notable features of the Ninja 7 include an idle stop function, walk mode for low-speed maneuvering, and three riding modes: EV, Eco Hybrid, and Sport Hybrid. It also boasts a full-color TFT screen borrowed from the Ninja e-1.

On the other hand, the Z e-1 Hybrid features a distinct design with a single pod headlight, small tank extensions, and a split seat. Its power comes from a pair of 1.5kWh batteries coupled with a 9kW motor, offering a claimed range of 65km on a single pack. Noteworthy features of the Z e-1 include LED illumination, two ride modes (Eco and Road), eco-boost, walk mode, ABS, TFT display, smartphone connectivity, and Ergo Fit adjustments.

Internationally, the Z e-1 is priced at USD 7,299 (approximately Rs. 6.07 lakh), while the Ninja 7 Hybrid carries a price tag of USD 12,499 (approximately Rs. 10.34 lakh). It remains to be seen how Kawasaki will position these bikes in the Indian market, should they make their debut here.

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