Motoverse 2023:A Celebration of Motorcycling Culture

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Royal Enfield, the iconic motorcycle brand, hosted its 13th edition of Motoverse, a three-day festival of motorcycling, music, and art, in Goa, India, from November 24 to 26, 2023. The event, formerly known as Rider Mania, attracted thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world, who came to experience the thrill and joy of riding, learning, and connecting with fellow riders.

The event featured five segments: MotoThrill, MotoSonic, MotoVille, MotoShop, and MotoReel, each offering its own set of activities and attractions. MotoThrill was the segment for the adventurous and competitive riders, who could participate in various off-road riding competitions and training sessions, such as the Dirt Track, the Hill Climb, the Slide School, and the Trail School. MotoSonic was the segment for the music lovers, who could enjoy live performances by various artists across different genres, such as Benny Dayal, Gowri Lekshmi, and more. MotoVille was the segment for the custom bike enthusiasts, who could admire the 23 unique and creative bike builds by individuals from across the country. MotoShop was the segment for the shoppers, who could buy riding gear, motorcycle accessories, fashion, food, and beverages from the Royal Enfield GMA (Genuine Motorcycle Accessories) platform. MotoReel was the segment for the storytellers, who could listen to the inspiring and insightful stories of experts and stalwarts of adventure and motorcycling, such as CS Santosh, Candida Louis, and more.

One of the biggest highlights of the event was the launch of the new Himalayan 450, a powerful adventure bike with a 450cc engine and a six-speed gearbox. The bike was showcased at the event and its pricing was announced as well. The bike received a lot of positive feedback and interest from the visitors, who were impressed by its performance and features.

Motoverse 2023 was a celebration of the spirit of motorcycling and the cultures that surround it. It was a place where riders could connect, learn, and have fun. It was also a platform for Royal Enfield to showcase its products, services, and vision for the future of motorcycling. The event was a success and received much acclaim and appreciation from the participants, the media, and the industry. Royal Enfield is already planning for the next edition of Motoverse, which promises to be even bigger and better.

– Filda Francis

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