New KTM Super Duke 1390R Revealed!

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KTM has unveiled the powerful new Super Duke 1390R, succeeding the 1290 Super Duke. In the development of this hyper-fast street bike, the Austrian brand extensively revised various aspects to enhance power, reduce weight, improve agility, and incorporate advanced features. While the overall styling is reminiscent of the previous model, the new Super Duke 1390R features a fresh LED headlight and redesigned winglets.

With a larger 17.5-liter fuel tank and slightly modified wheels, the motorcycle boasts a new 1350cc LC8 engine that delivers an impressive 190bhp peak power. The addition of a new cam shift system contributes to a broader power and torque spread, accompanied by a redesigned airbox and shorter throttle bodies. The ram air system has also undergone modifications to enhance direct airflow into the engine, and the top two gears have been adjusted for a more comprehensive speed range.

Equipped with advanced electronics, the 1390R offers riding modes, a lean-sensitive traction control system, a full-color TFT display, TPMS, and more. An optional advanced anti-wheelie feature is available, which can be deactivated if desired.

Anticipated to hit the European market soon, the new Super Duke 1390R is expected to carry a slightly higher price tag than its predecessor.

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