Nissan Introduces Dedicated X-Trail Mountain Rescue Vehicle

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Nissan has introduced a specialised X-Trail Mountain Rescue Vehicle designed for mountain rescue operations in European ski resorts. The modified X-Trail features significant alterations, including the replacement of traditional wheels with snow tracks to enhance traction on slippery slopes. Equipped with the twin-motor e-4ORCE system, the rescue vehicle can quickly adapt to changing grip levels.

Externally, the vehicle boasts a custom roof rack designed to carry an evacuation stretcher and snow shovels. Safety features include a siren, flashing light bar, and powerful roof and hood lights. Wider fenders, a reinforced front bumper with a winch, towing hooks, side footboards, and a 9-inch higher ride on its tracks contribute to the vehicle’s enhanced rescue capabilities.

Internally, the rear seats have been removed to accommodate a stretcher, allowing for the swift transport of injured skiers. The vehicle is equipped with GPS, communication equipment, and a charging compartment for drone batteries.

Powered by the e-4ORCE all-wheel-drive system, the X-Trail Mountain Rescue Vehicle replaces traditional wheels with snow tracks for improved maneuverability in challenging terrains. The twin-motor e-4ORCE system can react to changing grip levels in a fraction of a second, providing adaptive power distribution to individual wheels based on available grip. The rescue vehicle is available in five- or seven-seater configurations.

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