Stolen Ferrari of Former F1 Driver Recovered After 28 Years

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Recently, a Ferrari stolen 28 years ago was recovered in the UK. While car theft isn’t uncommon, this particular Ferrari belonged to ex-Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger and was taken during the 1995 San Marino Grand Prix in Italy. Thieves stole two Ferraris that day, including Berger’s Ferrari F512 M and teammate Jean Alesi’s 355, from a hotel parking lot. Neither car had been seen since, until now.

After Ferrari flagged the F512 M as stolen, authorities prevented its export from the UK. The London Metropolitan Police, led by PC Mike Pilbeam, conducted a swift investigation. Collaborating with agencies like the National Crime Agency and Ferrari, they verified the car’s background. The stolen F512 M had spent most of its time in Japan before being brought to the UK in late 2023. Remarkably, the car remained largely intact and in its original condition.

It’s uncertain whether Berger will reclaim his Ferrari or if it will return to Ferrari. No arrests have been made, and Alesi’s Ferrari 355 remains missing. Nonetheless, it’s a rare automotive theft story with a positive outcome.

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