Porsche Unveils New Panamera: A Refined Sports Sedan with Enhanced Performance and Comfort

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Porsche has unveiled the new Panamera, marking 20 years since the original model’s debut. The third-generation Panamera boasts significant updates, including changes to the chassis, a new suspension system, strong-hybrid engines, and a revamped interior. Porsche emphasizes its achievement in delivering heightened dynamic performance and increased dynamic comfort simultaneously. The exterior features distinctive frog-eye-like headlights, raised wings, and a taller, more open central intake. The interior includes design elements from the Cayenne and Taycan, with a new curved digital instrument panel, infotainment touchscreen, and optional secondary touchscreen.

The third-gen Panamera comes with a more potent hybrid drive system. The Turbo E-Hybrid, with a system output of 680hp and 930Nm of torque, achieves 0-100kph in 3.2 seconds. The hybrid models feature a new electric motor integrated into the dual-clutch transmission bell housing, offering better regen capacity and increased recuperation efficiency. The plug-in hybrid system’s battery has a higher capacity of 25.9kWh, providing a 70% improvement in the electric-only range, approximately 93km.

The Panamera’s active and semi-active suspension includes two systems: a semi-active suspension with a two-chamber air spring setup and a fully active suspension with a single-chamber air spring. The fully active system, which follows road contours and bumps, eliminates the need for anti-roll bars, simplifying forces exerted.

Porsche has opened bookings for the third-gen Panamera in India, with an expected launch in the first quarter of 2024. The sports sedan will compete with the Mercedes-AMG GT63 S e-Performance 4-door Coupe in India.

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