SYM has revealed the new ADX 300 adventure-style maxi-scooter

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Taiwanese two-wheeler manufacturer SYM, recognized globally for its unique scooter lineup, has recently added a new adventure-style maxi-scooter to its portfolio, named the ADX 300. Based on the Joyride 300 maxi-scooter, the ADX 300 boasts distinctive features, including large 15-14-inch alloy wheels, a muscular body with sharp cuts and contours, and a rugged overall stance. The scooter’s visual appeal is heightened by a robotic headlamp crowned with a tall windscreen, knuckle guards, a center spine, and a stepped seat.In addition to its adventure-inspired aesthetics, the ADX 300 comes equipped with practical features. It rides on a combination of large 15-14-inch alloy wheels, supported by telescopic forks and dual springs. While borrowing the frame from its more traditional counterpart, the Joyride 300, the ADX has an enhanced rigidity for improved adventure capabilities. The scooter features an adjustable windscreen, a substantial 16-liter fuel tank, and ample under-seat storage. Powering the ADX 300 is a 278cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that generates nearly 25bhp and 26 Nm of peak torque.While SYM has not yet disclosed the pricing and international availability details for the ADX 300, it is anticipated to arrive in dealerships in the first half of 2024. However, the likelihood of the SYM brand and the ADX 300 entering the Indian market in the near future is considered slim.

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