Toyota Innova Hycross Waiting Period Extends to More than a Year

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Both the Toyota Innova HyCross and the Innova Crysta have been grappling with prolonged waiting periods, driven by robust demand for their petrol, hybrid, and diesel models. Consequently, Toyota had to temporarily suspend bookings for the more popular variants. As of February 2024, while the waiting period for the Innova Crysta has decreased, it has increased for the HyCross.

Waiting Period for Toyota Innova HyCross:

The Innova HyCross offers a hybrid powertrain in four trims – VX, VX(O), ZX, and ZX(O). Toyota ceased taking orders for the top-spec hybrid variants earlier last year, and bookings for the ZX and ZX(O) trims have yet to reopen. Presently, the waiting period for the VX and VX(O) trims extends to 12-13 months, varying by location, marking an increase of 2-3 months since late last year.

The petrol-powered HyCross, available in G and GX trims, boasts a significantly shorter waiting period of about 5-6 months on average, a duration unchanged since late last year. The Innova HyCross is equipped with either a 172hp, 2.0-liter petrol engine or a 184hp, 2.0-liter strong hybrid. Both options come exclusively with automatic transmissions – a CVT gearbox for the petrol and an e-Drive transmission for the strong hybrid.

Waiting Period for Toyota Innova Crysta:

The Innova Crysta features a single 150hp, 343Nm, 2.4-liter diesel engine paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox, available in four trims. Currently, the waiting period for the Innova Crysta is up to seven months, a reduction from nine months at the end of 2023.

Toyota temporarily halted the dispatch of the Innova Crysta in January due to irregularities in the diesel engine’s horsepower certification testing; however, they resumed dispatches earlier this month.

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