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Ultraviolette Automotive has unveiled the upgraded F99 electric factory racing platform which was originally showcased at the Auto Expo in Noida earlier this year. The latest version incorporates several enhancements, featuring a liquid-cooled powertrain, active aerodynamics, and much more!

Ultraviolette F99 01

The F99 racing platform, developed over a two-year period, places significant emphasis on aerodynamics to maximise its top speed. Front air intakes channel air, creating an air curtain over the rider’s helmet at high speeds. Carbon-fibre winglets on each side activate when leaned over, reducing drag with a 30-degree range of actuation.

With a peak power of 90kW and a weight of 178kg, the F99 achieves a claimed 0-100kph acceleration in 3 seconds and boasts a top speed of 265kph, comparable to certain Japanese 600cc Supersports. While the battery remains air-cooled, the motor and controller benefit from liquid cooling. The global launch of the F99 is scheduled for 2025.

Distinguishing itself from the F77, the F99 utilizes a distinct frame designed to handle its performance capabilities. It incorporates high-end components, such as Ohlins suspension on both ends and Brembo monobloc calipers. The F99 adopts a 400-volt battery architecture, a significant increase from the F77’s 60-volt system, and features an underbraced milled swingarm. Safety measures, including the wiring harness and protocols, have been substantially reinforced to accommodate the higher voltage.

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