Ather Energy Announces Plans to Launch Family-Oriented Scooter in 2024

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Ather Energy, the electric two-wheeler manufacturer, has revealed its intention to introduce a family-oriented scooter in 2024. Tarun Mehta, the CEO, and Co-founder of Ather Energy made the announcement on the social media platform X, acknowledging the demand for a larger scooter from enthusiasts who appreciate the brand.
Mehta stated, “So many folks love Ather Energy as a brand but want a bigger, family-oriented scooter from us. That’s why we’re gearing up to launch a family scooter in 2024.” He further mentioned that for those who enjoyed the 450X, an evolution of the 450 series would be introduced shortly.
The upcoming scooter is anticipated to be launched early next year and is expected to come with a premium price tag. Ather Energy has gained popularity for its innovative electric vehicles, and this move indicates the company’s commitment to expanding its product lineup to cater to diverse consumer preferences. Stay tuned for more updates as Ather Energy continues to make strides in the electric mobility space. 

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