RE Super Meteor 650 Enhances Connectivity Through Innovative Wingman Feature

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Shortly before the launch of the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450, the renowned motorcycle manufacturer has introduced a novel feature known as ‘Wingman’ for its flagship cruiser, the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650. However, it’s crucial to understand what this feature entails and how it is utilized. Royal Enfield Wingman is not a standalone app but rather an additional feature incorporated into the existing Royal Enfield app, specifically developed for the Super Meteor 650. This feature aims to enhance the rider’s connection with and knowledge about their motorcycle, offering five key functionalities:

  1.  Live Tracking: Easily obtain the real-time location of your motorcycle on your smartphone
    app, even when your phone is turned off.
  2.  Last Parked Location: Utilizing Google Maps Navigation, access the precise last parked
    location of your motorcycle with GPS accuracy ranging from 20 to 200 meters.
  3.  Trip Summary: Retrieve essential trip information, including average speed, trip route,
    incidents of sudden braking, speeding, and acceleration data, all directly on your phone.
  4.  Vehicle Alerts: Receive real-time alerts about your motorcycle’s fuel level, battery percentage,
    and overall health.
  5. Grid Support: Access proactive support from the Royal Enfield roadside assistance team
    between 9 am and 6 pm during your travels. Notably, RSA is available 24/7, and Grid support
    can be used without the app.

 For new Super Meteor 650 buyers, the feature comes pre-enabled at an additional cost of Rs 6,500. Existing customers can retrofit the feature at their nearest Royal Enfield service center for Rs 6,500, plus fitting charges. The Wingman plan is offered free of charge for five years at the time of purchase, after which riders can choose to subscribe. Users have the option to delete trip history, and the app records trip data for up to three months. The Wingman device is part of the motorcycle and is covered under the vehicle warranty from the date of purchase.In conclusion, the Royal Enfield Wingman is an intriguing feature designed to enhance convenience for frequent riders. The prices for the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 range from Rs 3,60,899 to Rs 3,91,346 (ex-showroom Delhi).

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