Future Volkswagen Cars And SUVs Will Get ChatGPT-Driven Voice Assistant

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Volkswagen has officially announced its integration of a ChatGPT-driven voice assistant in its vehicles, a feature set to be showcased at the 2024 CES show in Las Vegas. Users can activate this feature by saying “Hello IDA” or using the steering wheel button.

In addressing concerns about data privacy, Volkswagen assures that ChatGPT does not access any vehicle-specific information. All queries and responses are promptly deleted to enhance data protection. Powered by Cerence Chat Pro, which combines various sources, including ChatGPT, IDA aims to provide accurate and relevant information while prioritizing security and seamless integration.

Kai Grünitz, Member of the Board of Management at Volkswagen Brand for Technical Development, stated, “We are now the first volume manufacturer to make this innovative technology a standard feature in vehicles from the compact segment upwards. Thanks to the seamless integration of ChatGPT and strong collaboration with our partner, Cerence, we are offering our drivers added value and direct access to the AI-based research tool.”

Stefan Ortmanns, CEO of Cerence, expressed pride in building on their long-standing partnership with Volkswagen. He highlighted the benefits of Cerence Chat Pro, stating that it empowers VW with an automotive-grade ChatGPT integration, offering flexibility, customization, and ease of deployment while prioritizing security and usability for drivers. Looking ahead, the collaboration aims to explore designing a new, large-language-model-based user experience for Volkswagen’s next-generation in-car assistant.

It’s noteworthy that Volkswagen is not the only automaker integrating ChatGPT into its cars. Mercedes-Benz previously incorporated ChatGPT into its MBUX infotainment system, initiating a beta testing program in the United States for owners of over 900,000 vehicles equipped with MBUX to explore the enhanced capabilities of the system.

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