Later This Year, Volkswagen Scout Is Set to Introduce Its Inaugural suv

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Later this year, Volkswagen is set to unveil its first SUV under the Scout brand, as confirmed by a teaser video released by Scout. The revival of the ‘Scout’ moniker, dormant since 1980 when the original SUV manufacturer, International Harvester, retired the model, marks an exciting development.

Initially, the resurrected Scout SUV brand will launch in North America, followed by a rollout in other global markets. The brand’s earlier announcement detailed the inclusion of two 4WD EVs in its initial product lineup.

Volkswagen Scout will emphasize electric SUVs, with sales scheduled to commence from 2026. Notably, these upcoming electric models will not be based on the MEB-born EV platform. The teaser video showcases historical footage of Scout SUVs and pickups alongside visuals of rural landscapes, primarily from the United States region. The rugged EVs in the pipeline will be designed and manufactured in the US, with the expectation of prototypes being revealed later this year. Design sketches released earlier hinted at both a pickup and a large SUV, positioned as potential rivals to the Rivian R1T and R1S, respectively.

Looking back at history, the International Harvester Scout, produced from 1961 to 1980, was the first passenger model manufactured by the company, known for its traditional production of farm and commercial vehicles in North America. The Scout SUV, also available as a pickup, competed with rivals like the Jeep CJ and Ford’s 1965 Bronco.

In the context of Volkswagen’s broader electric vehicle plans, there are exclusive reports about the localization of EV components in India, indicating preparations for an all-new EV SUV tailored for the Indian market.

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