Brussels Auto Show Returns Under New Dutch Management

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The Brussels auto show, accounting for up to 30 percent of annual Belgian auto sales, is scheduled for Jan. 17-21 under new management. After a hiatus in 2021-22 due to COVID restrictions, the 101-year-old event faced uncertainty, but was salvaged by Dutch company 402 Automotive. The Belgian automotive federation, Febiac, initially declared the show’s cancellation for 2024 due to exhibitor disinterest, but 402 Automotive took charge in June, committing to managing the event through 2027. Auto shows, less significant as automakers conduct independent launches, still play a role in local markets, offering discounts and attracting up to 500,000 visitors in Brussels. While no major debuts are announced, the show will feature the public debut of the Toyota C-HR compact SUV and a shift towards enthusiast events and displays. The Car of the Year award will be unveiled at the Geneva auto show on Feb. 26, with all finalists showcased in Brussels.

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