Next-Gen Audi Q7 Global Debut by 2026

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Audi has initiated the development of the third-generation Q7 SUV, slated for a global debut by 2026. This upcoming Q7 marks one of the final combustion-engine-powered Audi cars, aligning with the brand’s plans to transition to electric models exclusively from 2026.

The next-generation Q7 will utilise an updated MLB platform and feature a new family of engines. Design-wise, it will adopt Audi’s new-style front end, incorporating an expansive octagonal grille, sleek LED light designs, and a clamshell bonnet. The vehicle will maintain a straight roofline and boxy rear to prioritise interior space and boot capacity, although its dimensions compared to the current Q7 remain unspecified.

The new Q7’s MLB architecture will undergo revisions to accommodate new powertrains, including longer-range plug-in hybrids, enhancing its competitiveness against rivals. While specific powertrain details remain undisclosed, Audi has confirmed the development of a “completely new family of engines” for its final generation of ICE cars.

Internally, the Q7 will draw inspiration from the Q6 e-Tron, featuring a panoramic curved interface for the driver display and infotainment, along with separate touchscreens for the front passenger. Optional augmented-reality head-up display will provide real-time navigation guidance projections.

Positioning-wise, the Q7 will yield its position as Audi’s largest SUV to the forthcoming Q9, designed to compete with models like the BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS. Audi has also introduced the second facelift for the current Q7 to maintain buyer interest until the release of the all-new model.

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