Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 Introduced with a Starting Price of Rs 3.59 Lakh

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Royal Enfield Shotgun 650, the fourth addition to the 650cc family, draws significant inspiration from the Super Meteor

The Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 has been introduced with a price range of Rs 3.59 lakh to Rs 3.73 lakh. This positions it above the Interceptor 650, priced between Rs 3.03 lakh and Rs 3.31 lakh, and in proximity to the Super Meteor 650, which is priced between Rs 3.64 lakh and Rs 3.94 lakh.

According to Royal Enfield, the Shotgun draws inspiration from the custom bike building space, placing it outside the confines of conventional motorcycling genres. To learn more about the bike, you can read our review or watch our video review.

Built on the Super Meteor platform, the Shotgun exhibits notable differences. It features different wheel sizes, with an 18-/17-inch front and rear combination compared to the more traditional 19-/16-inch cruiser setup on the Super Meteor. The Shotgun’s seat height is taller at 795mm, in contrast to the 740mm seat on the Super Meteor. Additionally, it comes with a distinctive 13.8-litre fuel tank.

The Shotgun’s 648cc engine remains largely unchanged, delivering the same 47hp and 52Nm. However, the engine cases are now painted in gloss black, a first for Royal Enfield. The bike comes with a single seat, but a rear seat is also included for optional installation. Riders can choose to use the bike with just the rider seat and the rear rack for mounting luggage.

Constructed mostly from metal components, the Shotgun has a substantial kerb weight of 240kg, making it the second heaviest Indian motorcycle after the 241kg Super Meteor. It features Showa suspension, a 320mm front disc, and a large 300mm rear disc for braking, with standard dual-channel ABS. The Shotgun is available in four colors: Sheetmetal Grey (Rs 3.59 lakh), Plasma Blue (Rs 3.70 lakh), Drill Green (Rs 3.70 lakh), and Stencil White (Rs 3.73 lakh).

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