Detroit Auto Show Scheduled for 2024 Cancelled

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The organisers have released a statement confirming the cancellation of the event and simultaneously announcing the return of the show in January 2025, reinstating it to its previous schedule

The Detroit Auto Show, originally scheduled for September 2024, has been canceled. Instead, the event will make its return in January 2025, reverting to its original time slot. The 2025 Detroit Auto Show is planned to take place immediately after CES 2025 in January.

The North American International Auto Show, commonly known as the Detroit Auto Show, has been called off for 2024. The organizers officially confirmed this decision and simultaneously announced the show’s comeback in January 2025, restoring it to its previous schedule. This adjustment returns the Detroit Auto Show to its initial timeframe, in contrast to the past two editions held in September.

In the last two years, the Detroit Auto Show faced challenges due to the pandemic and the concurrent popularity of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held around the same period. Despite the challenges, the significant rescheduling means that the Detroit Auto Show will once again compete with CES for attention from both automotive companies and the general public.

Rod Alberts, Executive Director of the Detroit Auto Show and Detroit Auto Dealers Association, stated, “The Detroit Auto Show is pleased to announce the iconic show will return to its roots with a January 2025 debut. Our primary goal is to create an impactful auto show and showcase our great city and industry.” The statement highlighted the efforts to reimagine the Detroit Auto Show while keeping focus on generating enthusiasm for automobiles.

The upcoming Detroit Auto Show is scheduled to take place from January 10-20, 2025, at Huntington Place in downtown Detroit. The charity preview, also the media day, is set for January 10, with public days starting from January 11 onwards.

Recent years witnessed a decline in the popularity of the Detroit Auto Show, with CES gaining prominence. The increasing integration of technology in vehicles, coupled with tech companies entering the automotive sector, resulted in reduced appeal for the traditional auto show. This trend led to fewer automakers participating in the event, and global auto shows experienced a general decline in popularity.

The Detroit Auto Show showed signs of improvement in 2023, with dealers filling in for automakers that chose not to participate. The organizers now have additional time to plan ahead for the 2025 event. Meanwhile, CES 2025 is confirmed and will take place between January 7-10 in Las Vegas, US.

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