Suzuki Unveils New GSX S1000GX+ Sports Tourer

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Suzuki has unveiled the high-performance tourer, the GSX S1000GX+, which represents the top-of-the-line variant and comes equipped with additional luggage features.The GX+ designation indicates that it is a variant based on the GX model, now featuring a pair of spacious 36-litre panniers. These panniers, designed to match the motorcycle’s color, are generously sized, capable of accommodating two full-face helmets, enhancing the bike’s touring capabilities.Beyond the pannier additions, the GSX S1000GX+ shares the same specifications as the GX model. It boasts a powerful 150bhp generated by the 990cc inline-four liquid-cooled engine. The motorcycle is equipped with advanced electronics, including a six-axis IMU, semi-active suspension, and various riding modes accessible through the 6.5-inch TFT instrument cluster.While Suzuki is pricing this variant slightly higher, the difference is not substantial. Unfortunately, the GSX S1000GX+ is not slated for release in India in the near future.

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