The 2024 Formula E Race in Hyderabad Is Facing the Possibility of Cancellation

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Formula E is urgently seeking clarification from the recently elected state government as there is a potential for the Hyderabad E-Prix to be removed from the 2024 Formula E calendar. This concern arises following the recent state assembly elections, with only six weeks remaining until the scheduled event on February 10.

Originally slated for February 10, 2024, ongoing discussions are being held between Formula E and the Government of Telangana. The inaugural Hyderabad E-Prix took place earlier this year alongside Hussain Sagar Lake, drawing an attendance of approximately 31,000. Despite positive feedback on the track from drivers, operational and infrastructure challenges were noted.

Doubts about the event’s return surfaced, particularly since the organizing team behind the race disbanded in August. However, the Hyderabad E-Prix was officially confirmed as part of the 2024 Formula E calendar in October. Subsequently, the city underwent a change in governance, with the Congress assuming control in Telangana.

Formula E’s senior executive team engaged in discussions with the new leadership of the Government of Telangana earlier this month. However, the championship has expressed concerns about the potential cancellation of the race in a recent statement.

“In response to a recent official communication received from the new Government of Telangana, Formula E is urgently seeking clarification regarding their contractual commitments under the agreement and how it could impact the Hyderabad race. Based on the content of the letter received, Formula E is concerned that the race may not proceed as planned,” the statement reads.

“With the event just a few weeks away and in its final stages of preparation, Formula E, partners, and suppliers have already made significant commercial investments in the event,” it added.

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