The Simple Dot One Has Undergone a Price Increase of Rs 40,000, Bringing Its New Cost to Rs 1.40 Lakh

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The Bengaluru-based startup, Simple Energy, recently launched the Dot One, a more affordable e-scooter with a smaller 3.7kWh battery, initially priced at Rs 99,999 (ex-showroom, Bengaluru). However, the introductory period has concluded, and the price has been increased to Rs 1,39,999 (including charger). Notably, the Simple One, equipped with a 5kWh battery, was priced at Rs 1.45 lakh upon its official launch in May 2023.

For existing Simple One pre-booking holders, there is an opportunity to switch to the Dot One and retain the original price of Rs 99,999 until December 31. After this date, the price for all pre-bookings of the Simple Dot One will rise to Rs 1,39,999.

The decision to introduce the more cost-effective Dot One may be influenced by challenges in sustaining the pricing of the One e-scooter, particularly after the reduction in the FAME-II subsidy. Additionally, the company had reportedly reached out to some customers to cancel their pre-bookings. As of the current government registration data, Simple Energy has sold approximately 50 units by the end of the year.

The Simple One e-scooter with the 5kWh battery is now priced at Rs 1,58,000 (ex-showroom, Bengaluru, including charger). This represents a Rs 13,000 increase from its May 2023 launch price and a Rs 48,000 increase from the initial ‘launch price’ of Rs 1.10 lakh announced in August 2021 during the opening of pre-bookings.

The introduction of the more affordable Dot One is accompanied by the company’s emphasis on encouraging existing One pre-booking holders to make the switch, stating that ‘priority will be given to all One pre-booking holders that switch to the Dot One’. However, the appeal of the Simple One, with its substantial battery and competitive pricing, faces scrutiny as the battery size decreases and the price experiences a significant hike. The market response to this shift remains to be seen after the long-awaited launch.

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